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Dear Comet Families and Friends,
It is my honor to serve as Principal of McKinlleyville Middle School. The school that is dedicated to promote and inspire our students to strive toward personal excellence in all that they do.
My greatest initiative is to provide leadership that will facilitate a school environment that promotes excellence and fosters a love of learning. The MMS staff collaborates on a regular basis to ensure we continue to grow in our established goals of successful implementation of California State Standards. We are committed to developing our student's critical thinking skills both academically and socially. We implement teachings to help in developing character traits such as respect, responsibility, honesty, safety, courage, caring and cooperation. At MMS we celebrate the challenges that are a natural part of being a middle school student. School is hard work. We are here to put forth our greatest efforts to grow to our highest potential. As our school leader, I ask our parents to applaud your students for problem solving, for sticking to a difficult task, and for communicating their thinking process. Pride and a sense of accomplishment comes from achieving challenging tasks.
Communication is imperative to the overall success of our school. Please watch for school events on the school website, on our MPTA Facebook page, in our monthly events calendar and during upcoming Board meetings. We strive to communicate with you in the way(s) that are the most convenient for your family. Please be sure to confirm with your child’s teacher how you can best access information about what is happening in the classroom.
Please know if you have a question or a concern that we are here to provide the information you need. Please contact me by e-mail at or call the office: 707-839-1508. I look forward to seeing and talking with you around the campus as well!
In closing, I’d like to share a favorite quote: “School is you. It is not the brick and mortar of a building; school is a relationship, a commitment to inspire each other, to discover who we are meant to be and how we will give back to our communities.” -Amy Gallaway & Heather Damario.  I share this specific quote because it represents what I see in the unique times here at McKinleyville Middle School. It is through the close and collegial partnerships with everyone associated with MMS, I am confident we will inspire excellence in our students as they learn and grow.
Elwira Salata
Middle School Principal

Recent News

Thank you to our donors and to Printing Center USA for our 2021 yearbook! Featured Photo

Thank you to our donors and to Printing Center USA for our 2021 yearbook!

We are so excited that we were able to fund our 2021 yearbook thanks the the generous support of local businesses and our MMS families! Every student at MMS will receive a free book! We just received our yearbooks and they are stunning! Thank you to Print Center USA for helping us make our dream yearbook come true! We are so impressed with the quality of the books and how fast we were able to get them printed! We ordered 380 full color 124 page books and every page is perfect!